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 “He Is Legend”

The True Legend of the Male Stripper Industry 


Legend is the most sought out male stripper ever to hit the  San Francisco Bay area region within the decade. With over thousands of performance’s. He has been seen at Live Male reviews shows. Legends performance’s dominate his other male dancer counter parts. Legend  continues to be the topped booked male dancers  for house parties every weekend through out the bay area region. He is the “Real Deal” Ladies. No more disappointments with having a male stripper show up who shouldn’t be in the industry and disappointing you and your guests. Legend Delivers a five star and above performance at every show.  Call today and make your party this year the one to remember!


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Bachelorette Parties – Legends the number one for all Bachelorette parties. His Style is one of kind. As he brings props and amazing costumes to make the performance original and that special “Bachelorette” will enjoy the her party and being apart of the occasion

Legends Show choices for booking:

One Hour Show Plus- This show is the most popular and is suggested for most all show party occasions. It is the best price for the time. This is best for 6-25 in attendance.

30 Minute to 15 minutes Strip-A-Gram- This show is suggested if you have too many activities in one night and time is short. This is  a short quick show and just enough to keep the tradition  of having a packed Bachelorette, Birthday night, yet  still wanting to include all that you have planned for your guests.

We offer other shows. Let us know if you have any questions